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Daily Classwork and Homework : September 2017
The Hobbit.ppt
February 15th and 16th: Block Days
February 14th: Wednesday History of Valentine's Day
February 13th: Tuesday
February 12th: Monday
February 8th and 9th: Block Days
February 7th: Wednesday
February 6th: Tuesday
February 5th: Monday
Video: Beyond Words: The Life of Sylvia Mendez
February 1st and 2nd: Block Days
January 31st: Wednesday
January 30th: Tuesday
Final Exam Results: 86% Average Overall
Listen Wise Link for Final Exam
Final Exam Minimum Days: January 24th-26th
January 22nd and 23rd: Monday and Tuesday
Final Exam Information: January 2018
ListenWise: Listening Practice for Final Exam
January 18th and 19th: Block Days
January 17th: Wednesday
January 16th: Tuesday
January 11th and 12th: Block Days
January 10th: Wednesday
January 9th: Tuesday
January 8th: Monday
December 21st and 22nd: Block Days before Winter Vacation
December 20th: Wednesday
Due by December 20th: Extra Credit 15% to add onto a test or quiz
December 19th: Tuesday
December 18th: Monday
December 14th and 15th: Block Days
December 13th: Wednesday
December 12th: Tuesday
Quizlet Practice for Hobbit Test
December 7th and 8th: Block Days
December 6th: Wednesday
December 5th: Tuesday
December 4th: Monday
November 30th and December 1st: Block Days
November 29th: Wednesday
November 28th: Tuesday
November 27th: Monday
(Early Posting for Vacation) November 21st: Tuesday
(Early Posting for Vacation) November 20th
November 16th and 17th: Block Days
November 15th: Wednesday
November 14th: Tuesday
November 13th: Monday
November 9th: Thursday
November 8th: Wednesday
November 7th: Tuesday
November 6th: Monday
November 2nd and 3rd: Block Days
November 1st: Wednesday
October 31st: Tuesday
October 30th Lesson
October 30th: Monday
October 26th and 27th: Block Days
October 25th: Wednesday
October 24th: Tuesday
October 23rd: Monday
October 19th and 20th: Block Days
October 18th: Wednesday
October 17th: Tuesday
October 15th: Monday
October 12th and 13th: Block Days
October 11th: Wednesday
October 10th: Tuesday
October 9th: Monday
October 5th and 6th: Block Days
October 4th: Wednesday
October 3rd: Tuesday
October 2nd: Monday
September 28th and 29th: Block Days
September 27th: Wednesday
September 26th: Tuesday
September 25th: Monday
September 21st and 22nd: Block Days
September 20th: Wednesday
September 19th: Tuesday
September 18th: Monday
September 14th and 15th: Block Days
September 13th: Wednesday
September 12th: Tuesday
September 11th: Monday
September 8th: Friday
September 7th: Thursday
September 6th: Wednesday
September 5th: Tuesday