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Welcome to our six week elective course!
June 13th: Wednesday
June 12th: Tuesday
June 11th: Monday
June 8th: Friday
June 6th: Wednesday
June 5th: Tuesday
June 4th: Monday
June 1st: Friday
May 30th: Wednesday
May 29th: Tuesday
May 25th: Friday
May 22nd and 23rd: Tuesday and Wednesday
Video Link of Amy Purdy: May 21st, Monday
May 18th: Friday
May 16th: Wednesday
May 14th and 15th: Monday and Tuesday
May 8th and 9th: Tuesday and Wednesday
May 2nd: Wednesday
May 1st: Tuesday
April 29th: Monday
April 27th: Friday
April 23rd to 25th: Monday to Wednesday
April 20th: Friday
April 18th: Wednesday
April 17th: Tuesday
April 16th: Monday
Amy Purdy: Beyond the Limits
Quizlet: Traits and Descriptions
April 12th: Wednesday
April 11th: Tuesday
April 9th: Monday
March 30th: Block Day
March 26th, 27th, 28th: Oral History Luncheon Days
March 26th: Monday
March 21st: Wednesday
March 13th: Tuesday
March 12th: Monday
March 9th: Friday
March 7th: Wednesday
March 6th: Tuesday
March 5th: Monday
March 2nd: Block Day
February 28th: Wednesday
February 27th: Tuesday
February 26th: Monday
February 16th: Block Friday
February 14th: Wednesday
Amy Purdy: Beyond the Limits Ted Talk
February 12th: Monday
QUIZLET FLASHCARD LINK: Practice the Strengths
February 9th: Friday
February 7th: Wednesday
February 6th: Tuesday
February 5th: Monday
February 2nd: Friday
January 31st: Wednesday (day two)
January 30th: Tuesday (day one)
January 19th: Friday
January 17th: Wednesday
January 16th: Tuesday
January 12th: Friday
January 10th: Wednesday
January 9th: Tuesday
January 8th: Monday
December 22nd: Friday
December 20th: Wednesday
December 19th: Tuesday
December 11th: Quizlet Practice of Theme Descriptions
December 18th: Monday
December 15th: Friday
December 13th: Wednesday
December 12th: Tuesday
December 11th: Monday
December 8th: Block Day Friday
December 6th: Wednesday
December 5th: Tuesday
December 4th: Monday
November 29th: Wednesday
November 28th: Tuesday
November 27th: Monday
November 21st: Tuesday
November 20th: Monday
November 17th: Friday
November 15th: Wednesday
November 14th: Tuesday
November 13th: Monday
November 9th: Thursday
November 8th: Wednesday
November 7th: Tuesday
November 6th: Monday
November 3rd: Friday
November 1st: Wednesday
October 31st: Tuesday
October 30th: Monday
October 27th: Friday
Amy Purdy: TED talk video
October 25th: Wednesday
October 24th: Tuesday
October 23rd: Monday
October 17th: Tuesday
October 11th: Website Link and Directions
October 10th: Tuesday
October 9th: Monday
October 2nd: Monday
September 30th: Friday
September 27th: Wednesday
September 26th: Tuesday
September 22nd and 25th: Friday and Monday
September 20th: Wednesday
September 18th and 19th: Monday and Tuesday
September 15: Friday
Amy Purdy and Ellen show interview
September 13th: Wednesday
September 12th: Tuesday
September 11th: Monday
September 8th: Friday
September 7th: Thursday
September 6th: Wednesday
September 5th: Tuesday