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Bridget Beaudry Porter
Contact Information
Mrs. Porter's Work
2017-18 Student Artworks
2016-17 Student Work and Activities
"Fusion" Exhibit at the Laguna Art Museum
Student Art 2016-17
7 Degrees Show 2016
Texture Paintings
Solar Boat
AP Studio Art 2016
Pop Surreal Artwork
Trompe l'oeil
One Laguna Art Show
AP and Honors 2014-15
Grid Portraits: Art I
Course Pathways
Course Brochures
Young Artist @ Cove Gallery
Artworks 2018-19
Arts Festival 2018
A Tidewater Goby's Journey
Animation Brain
Cove Gallery
Rising Tides: A Sea Level Rise Educational Installation
Summer Art Show
Plastic Art Installation
Class Expectations
Summer Work for AP
Past Art Events
Grid Portraits 2016-17
Once Upon a Mattress
LPAPA Paint out
Macro Photography 2016
Color Theory
Senior Project
Summer 2014: AP and Honors