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Vocab Lists, both semesters
LB Goes Gothic
Frankenstein Reading and Quiz Schedule
Vocab Quiz Schedule, 1st Semester
Journal 1, Sophocles unit
Brush and Palette Valentine's (for #2 of journal below)
Valentine’s Day Reflection on Romantic Love
Example paragraphs BNW essay
Journals for Brave New World
BNWorld Journal 7 ... Webquest
Final Exam Review Guide Sem 1 2019-220
TODAY'S Assignment
To-do List for first semester wrap up
Final exam essay prompt
Monday and Tuesday, 11/25 and 11/26 plans
Macbeth Mega-journals due this week
Macbeth Essay Brainstorming... choose 1
Macbeth Mega-journal 3- Interview reflection
Interview Questions
Resume due Mon, Nov. 4
*Reminder: Quiz 5 (parallelism) first meeting next week
Quizlet Sem. 1 Vocab 4 ... quiz last class this week
Essay Checklist: Social Criticism Essay Due Last Class of this Week
Chaucer Test end of week!
Social Criticism Mega-journal directions
Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales PDFs
Grammarly Premium!
turnitin directions